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Canadian Power Engineering Colleges.

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Power Engineering Training Programs:
Power Engineering Technology
- Nova Scotia Community College
Power Engineering
- Lakeland College
Trade Programs
- BCIT School of Energy

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In order to receive a Power Engineering certificate, candidates must meet the requirements listed in the regulations of their jurisdiction, which include:
  • Minimum educational standards
  • Practical experience as per qualifying time requirements for each level of certification
  • Passing the examinations prescribed for that certification level

    Information on these requirements is contained in the applicable provincial legislation. (Click on the "Area" tab, select your home province and choose "Legislation.") Qualifying time must be confirmed in writing by the plant's Chief Engineer.

    Power Engineering education usually follows the curricula developed by IPECC (Interprovincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee) and approved by SOPEEC (Standardization of Power Engineer's Examination Committee.) SOPEEC also develops and maintains the standardized testbanks used for examinations throughout Canada, excepting Quebec. The examination syllabi can be found on the SOPEEC website ( ) or from the regulatory authority in your jurisdiction.

    • "Outreach" programs delivered on industry request are not listed; it is assumed that most, if not all, colleges will make such a program available.
    • Training providers' programs consist of classroom, computer-based, or distance education delivered on request, as opposed to regularly offered collegiate educational programs.
    • The Institute of Power Engineers does not endorse or promote these organizations, but lists them for information only.
    • The Education Committee is currently reviewing the College listings. - Listings with *) below, have not been reviewed yet.
  • British Columbia | Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba | Ontario | Quebec
    Prince Edward Island | Newfoundland | Nova Scotia | New Brunswick

    British Columbia Colleges:
    British Columbia Institute of Technology
    College of New Caledonia
    Northern Lights College
    Vancouver Island University

    British Columbia Training Providers:
    Doug Steamer Online
    Recreation Facilities Association of BC
    TFM Consultants International LTD


    Alberta Colleges:
    *) Augustana University College
    *) Grande Prairie Regional College - Fairview Campus)
    *) Keyano College
    *) Lakeland College
    *) Lethbridge Community College
    *) Medicine Hat College
    *) Metro Community College
    *) Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
    *) Northern Lakes College
    *) Portage College
    *) Red Deer College
    *) Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

    Alberta Training Providers:
    *) George Brychka Boiler Consulting
    *) Power Engineer Education Corp.
    *) Power Engineering Preparation Consulting
    *) Tonder Training Centre


    *) Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
    *) Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (Kelsey Campus)


    Manitoba Colleges:
    Assiniboine Community College
    Red River College
    Red River College - Continuing Education

    Manitoba Training Providers:
    *) Westech Energy Training Systems


    Ontario Colleges:
    Cambrian College (revised June 2017)
    Conestoga College (revised April 12 2017)
    Confederation College (revised June 2012)
    Durham College (revised December 2016)
    Fanshawe College (revised July 2012)
    Georgian College (revised April 2017)
    Lambton College (revised June 2017)
    Mohawk College (revised June 2012)
    St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology (revised June 2017)

    Ontario Training Providers:
    Cimco Refrigeration (revised July 2012)
    EDC Services (revised December 2012)
    MurAul Consultants (revised July 2012)
    Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (revised June 2012)
    P.E. Coulter and Associates (revised May 2014)
    Power Engineering Training Services (revised July 2012)
    Robert W. Little Consultants Ltd. (revised June 2012)
    Thompson and Associates (revised June 2012)


    *) Commission Scolaire René Lévesque
    *) Commission Scolaire Marquerite-Bourgeoys


    Prince Edward Island
    Holland College


    College of the North Atlantic


    Nova Scotia
    Nova Scotia Community College - Akerley Campus
    Nova Scotia Community College - Marconi Campus
    Nova Scotia Community College - Strait Area Campus
    Nova Scotia Community College - Virtual Campus


    New Brunswick
    New Brunswick Community College - St. John Campus (revised December 2012)

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