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October 27, 2015

At the meetings in Nova Scotia in September 2015, The Directors decided to initiate a new communication procedure whereby they could inform members of progress on items they were discussing. This is the first of these communications and the two items to be discussed are:
  1. an explanation of the five dollar increase in annual renewal dues in 2016 and
  2. the introduction of the 2016 Executive Officers.

The renewal dues for 2016 will be increased five dollars to $110.00 per year if paid after 30 days and $100.00 per year if paid before 30 days. This increase was recommended by the Directors and approved by the members at the AGM. The Directors thought that the additional revenue would go towards offsetting costs of hiring a marketing consultant to advise how best to promote the IPE and increase the visibility and prominence of the IPE. With the increased visibility and prominence, membership should increase and the IPE can be a stronger voice for power engineers and provide better service to our members.

The 2016 National Officers are:
National President Ralf Klopf of Toronto Branch
First Vice President Blair Saulnier, PE, of Nova Scotia Branch
Second Vice President Tom Phillips of Winnipeg Branch
Past President Eric Steinson, PE, of Vancouver Branch
National Secretary Fred Billard of Nova Scotia Branch
Assistant National Secretary Allan Whetter of Ottawa Branch

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