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December 15, 2015

A brief note from the National Directors on what has been discussed during their monthly conference calls.

At the meetings in Nova Scotia in September 2015, The Directors decided to initiate a new communication procedure whereby they could inform members of progress on items they were discussing. This is the second of these communications and the three items to be discussed are 1) an explanation of the Pre-Graduate Associate Member trial, 2) the pocket calendars for 2016 and 3) the link on the website for the YouTube video “How to Use the Practical Skills Record Book”. We received a request from a branch for assistance from the National to enable the branch to have a quorum and conduct business. The Branch had reorganized and has students attend meetings but not enough regular members attending. Student members cannot vote. The college has only Fourth Class course at present, thus students cannot join at Graduate Student rate. Recommendation: Students apply for Associate membership and the Board waive the fees on a one year trial basis. After one year the students can continue membership as regular members at Graduate Student rate. It will cost National the cost of printing scrolls for these members. A second trial is being discussed for another site. Steps / Rationale:

  1. One year trial to allow students to join with waived dues as “Associate (pre-graduate or PG) Members.” This will allow easy tracking of trial members.
  2. Number of Associate (PG) members granted waived status will be ten. These will be elected from student chapter by student members and will be voting representatives for the students.
  3. Meetings will be overseen by the Area Director who can stop the trial should the process be abused. The Branch President will report on meetings to the Area Director.
  4. After one year the Associate (PG) members can become Regular members at the Graduate Student rate of $45.00. This will show how successful trial has been.
  5. After the trial we can re assess how student members are administered.
As a result of feedback from members, pocket calendars will only be sent to members upon request. This is in answer to many comments that the books are not needed as most people use their cell phones to record appointments. We will assess this step by recording the number of pocket calendars requested this year. Please contact the National Office at 905-333-3348 or if you want to receive one with your receipt after paying your dues. Also next year, we will move towards electronic (email) renewal notices and increased electronic communication with you, the members. Please ensure that we have your correct email address and expressed consent.

We have produced a YouTube video on how to use the Practical Skills Record Book and the link will be on the Educational page of the National website, Please check it out. ( The Practical Skills Record Book is a valuable tool for Power Engineers and the Directors want to promote its use.

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