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June 28, 2016

At the meetings in Nova Scotia in September 2015, The Directors decided to initiate a new communication procedure whereby they could inform members of progress on items they were discussing. This is the sixth of these communications and three items that were discussed are:
  1. Trial of allowing first year PE Students as Associate IPE members at Ont colleges only (Trial for 2017)
  2. Report of events from the Gathering of Colleges (Ont)
  3. Upcoming Events that IPE members will be attending – IGAT, IPECC, ACI

Alternative Student Membership Pilot Project

The National IPE has been working on alternative ways for Power Engineer students to become IPE members. There is a pilot project underway at two Branches. The intent of the pilot is to measure the effectiveness in Branch function and member participation with the view of revitalizing an existing Branch and the possible creation of a new Branch. The results of this pilot project will be presented at this year’s AGM in Toronto October 15th. The National Office has also begun to keep a data base of all IPE Student members so that we can maintain similar communications as with all of our regular members. This is part of our ongoing membership retention strategy.

Gathering of Colleges Report (Ontario Area)

Each May, the IPE Ontario Area coordinates a “Gathering of Colleges” where representatives from all of the accredited Power Engineer training facilities, TSSA, MCS, International Union of Power Engineers and Industry Stakeholders meet to discuss shared challenges. This year, the “Gathering of Colleges was held at Confederation College in Thunder Bay and will be held next year at Georgian College in Owen Sound.

All colleges reported that there was a high Power Engineer student placement. The general consensus for this result is due to a letter being sent to all Plant Chiefs last year as well as the TSSA sharing a list of plants with the colleges. The list is only for the use of the colleges and not students in the process of securing work place practicum. Mike Adams, Director TSSA confirmed that both the list and letters will be sent out again this year. The IPE will keep stressing to all unions that Power Engineer student placement is not taking jobs away from their members.

There was discussion of having testimonials from the plants which have had good experience in taking students. This could be used to reinforce the benefits of having Power Engineer students in power plants. Colleges will continue to prepare student to be professional and take responsibility for their actions during their practicum at plant and the seriousness in running these facilities is fully explained.

There are government subsidies available for training on job sites through corporate training from Employment Ontario and may be of use for co-op placements.

Upcoming Events that IPE members will be attending or coordinating.

Industrial Application Gas Turbine Committee (IAGT) October 17 – 18, 2016 in Montreal

The Industrial Application of Gas Turbines (IAGT) Committee, formed in 1973 with the support of the National Research Council of Canada, is a Technical Advisory Group to Canadian industry and government. The group is also supported by the Canadian Gas Association, providing a forum for communication of new technology developments related to the industrial application of gas turbines for pipeline compressors, combined cycle power, or various cogeneration and district energy systems. The IPE has attended previous workshops to communicate the benefits of hiring Power Engineers as operators.

Inter-Provincial Power Engineer Curriculum Committee (IPECC) June 19 – 22 2016 Edmonton, AB

IPECC provides a powerful opportunity for educational & industry professionals to connect, discuss & make recommendations to SOPEEC for the improvement & development of syllabi, curricula & examinations for Power Engineers. IPE members attend annually as industry or educator representatives.

2016 ACI and CSA B51/CSA B52, Algonquin Resort - St. Andrews, NB, August 22-25, 2016

The Standardization of Power Engineer Examinations Committee (SOPEEC) is a committee delegated by, and responsible to, the Canadian Association of Chief Inspectors (ACI). SOPEEC was formed in 1972 to promote a uniform examination system and improve mobility of power engineers between member jurisdictions. The ACI owns all SOPEEC examination materials and SOPEEC maintains the examination banks for power engineering certification and promotes the utilization of a uniform national standard.

The IPE will be making a presentation regarding the ACI’s commitment to unifying provincial regulations of the various jurisdictions.

National Annual General Meeting /IPE Ontario Area Education Forum and Plant Chief’s Round Table, October 13 – 15, 2016, Toronto, On

This year the IPE National AGM will be held in conjunction with the Education Forum in Toronto. The Education Forum has been going for 5 years and continually gains in popularity due to the quality topics and presenters offered.

Collaboration Day, November 18, 2016, Vancouver, BC

The BC IPE coordinates a meeting between Power Engineer training colleges in BC, the BC Safety Authority and Industry to discuss shared challenges. More details to follow.

The National Directors and Executive are working for the benefit of all Power Engineers across Canada. This communication is only one means of keeping our members informed. If you have any comments you would like to share, please contact your Area Director or the National Office at

IPE National Directors and Executive

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