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march 20, 2017

The focus of the IPE is the support and education of its members. The National Directors hold monthly conference calls to discuss topic of importance to the profession. Topics discussed can relate to specific jurisdictions, regulatory concerns, membership issues, etc. This month’s highlights of the discussion are:
  1. BC Ministerial Order 68
  2. PowerPoint and Brochure to market the IPE
  3. Sponsors and attendees needed for IPECC
  4. Value for Membership – Corporate account at Discount Car and Truck Rental
BC Ministerial Order 65

The Minister of Natural Gas Development, the Minister responsible for Housing Development and the Deputy Premier have issued a Ministerial Order that makes some major changes to the certification process in BC. As of December 3rd, 2019, all Power Engineer certificates of qualification that have been issued with out an expiry date will be considered not valid. The Province of BC is moving to annual renewal process similar to all other jurisdictions.
The Ministerial Order also adds criteria for the recognition of professional credentials from out of province as well as foreign. There has been a 2 and half year consultation process that the IPE has been involved in. This is an ongoing consultation as there are still accreditation standards to be determined for the approval of foreign credentials.

Download BC Ministerial Order 65

PowerPoint and Brochure to market the IPE

The IPE has been active in delivering videos and messages regarding becoming a Power Engineer but has not to date been active in developing material for self-promotion. We all understand the value of the Power Engineer to society but what is the value of the IPE to the profession? The directors have agreed to commission the development of a professionally made PowerPoint and Brochure that explains what the IPE is what membership means. These products will be made available for all members to use and share. We will let you know when they become available.

Sponsors and attendees needed for IPECC

IPECC needs you!!!
The Inter-Provincial Power Engineer Curriculum Committee is made up of educators, industry representatives and Power Engineers like you. IPECC’s role is to ensure that the curriculum we follow for training in our profession is current and reflects the needs of our workplace. To make it so that cost to participate is not exorbitant, IPECC looks for sponsors. You can help by reaching out to your industry contacts to see if they are willing to sponsor at IPECC. There is an information sheet that can be downloaded.

Download IPECC Sponsor

Download IPECC Newsletter

Value for Membership

Corporate account at Discount Car and Truck Rental

Your membership with the IPE can pay off in other ways now. You can now get a real discount at Discount Car and Truck Rental when you ask for the Corporate Rate. The IPE has a corporate account that can be used at over 200 locations across Canada. Just call Toll Free: 1 (888) 412-3733 and quote the IPE Account number 21818 - INSTITUTE OF POWER ENGINEERS. You be required to show your membership at the time of pick up of the vehicle.

The National Directors and Executive are working for the benefit of all Power Engineers across Canada. This communication is only one means of keeping our members informed. If you have any comments in general you would like to share, please contact your Area Director or the National Office at Sincerely, IPE National Directors and Executive

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