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September, 2107

The focus of the IPE is the support and education of its members. The National Directors hold monthly conference calls to discuss topic of importance to the profession. Topics discussed can relate to specific jurisdictions, regulatory concerns, membership issues, etc. This month’s highlights of the discussion are:
  1. Proxies from members for AGM
  2. IPE’s development of strategy for better communication with NPSAC
  3. IPE Ontario moving forwards with incorporation
Proxies from members for AGM

This year’s Annual General Meeting is just around the corner. We are looking forward to hearing from you the members, either in person or via the Branch conference call in; this organization exists for your benefit. Your input gives the IPE the direction moving forward. For those members who know they are unable to attend, please take the opportunity to send a proxy. This year we’ve modified the proxy, making it fillable so you don’t have to print and hand write your response, and then scan to email or send it back by “snail” mail. This change has made the process much easier and thus far increased the number of proxies sent in by over 80%. We would like to take this as a sign of increased confidence in how procedures are being managed at the National level. You should be noticing enhanced communiqué as we reach out to you, our members. The National Executive consistently strives for professional attitudes when conducting the business affairs of the institute and communicating with all stakeholders and our valued membership. The increase in the number of proxies received is an indication of the valued support; however we encourage you to please send in your written comments as it will provide valuable feedback for the organization and the profession.

IPE’s development of strategy for better communication with NPSAC

National Public Safety Advisory Committee

The National Public Safety Advisory Committee (NPSAC) plays a distinct role in the development and application of the codes and standards used in Canada. It is the only national body working at the policy level to promote the common adoption and consistent administration of safety codes and standards for the following discipline areas:

  • elevating devices; passenger ropeways (i.e.: ski lifts);
  • amusement rides;
  • fuel (i.e.: oil, natural gas and propane);
  • boilers and pressure vessels; and
  • electrical safety.
The ongoing changes that are being contemplated by the various jurisdictions are a direct result of the efforts and reflection of the standards contemplated at NPSAC. This national body is where the IPE needs to play a visible part promoting the feedback from the profession (Power Engineers) and other pan-Canadian initiatives. The National Directors are working on a communiqué to NPSAC in order to be engaged at the committee level.

IPE Ontario moving forward towards incorporation.

The IPE in Ontario is building for the future. We have had continued success with the “Gathering of Colleges” (in May each year) where we moderate discussions between all accredited colleges, the jurisdiction (TSSA) and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. The results have been very positive giving better access to training opportunities for students and the sharing of ideas between the college programs among other things. There is also the Education Forum and Power Engineer Round Table (Nov 2-3) that provides all Power Engineers the opportunity to expand their knowledge. Topics range from improvements in technology to legal concerns that affect Power Engineers in the work place. All of the presentations are delivered by subject matter experts.

All of this requires a structure that will ensure consistent management and coordination of these and other initiatives by the Ontario Area. Communication with our solicitor continues regarding incorporation and we hope to have a positive result soon.

IPE Annual General Meeting
October 14, 2017
4 Points by Sheraton
6257 Airport Rd,
Mississauga, Ontario

The National Directors are always looking at ways to encourage and/or allow for a wider participation by members in this important event. We encourage your input as this is an organization that works for all Power Engineers.


IPE National Directors and Executive

Ralf Klopf, President

Blair Saulnier, PE, 1st Vise President (Maritimes Area Director)

Eric Steinson, PE, Past President

Ed Hnytka, PE, Alberta Area Director

Vacant, Quebec Area Director

Dave Paulin, PE, British Columbia Area Director

William (Bill) Kalinowich,Second Vice-President, Manitoba Area Director

Vacant, NFLD/Labrador Area Director

Gilles Leclair, Ontario Area Director

Allan Whetter, National Secretary Email

Don Purser, Assistant National Secretary

Jude Rankin, PE, Advice in Council

National Office Email

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