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August, 2018

The focus of the IPE is the support and education of its members. The National Directors hold monthly conference calls to discuss topic of importance to the profession. Topics discussed can relate to specific jurisdictions, regulatory concerns, membership issues, etc. This month’s highlights of the discussion are:
  1. IPE has been in discussions with the Chief Power Engineer Association of Saskatchewan.
  2. Corporate and Educator membership, what, why and how
  3. Job Description – Branch President (first of series)
Chief Power Engineer Association of Saskatchewan (CEPA)

The IPE has been approached by the CEPA regarding assistance in forming as a legal entity either as a stand alone or as an Area of IPE. The CEPA is currently modeled along the line of the Chief Power Engineer Association of Alberta whose purpose is to operate a Chiefs Conference that provides professional development specifically for Chief Power Engineers. The CEPA has a Chiefs Conference planned for Spring 2019 and they have all speakers lined up for this.

CEPA is inquiring regarding the benefits of becoming part of the IPE. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was offered by the IPE which outlined what the IPE would provide the CEPA either as A) stand alone entity or as B) an affiliated Saskatchewan Area with a National Director and the ability to take part in the larger discussion affecting the profession of Power Engineers.

The IPE appreciates the efforts of the CEPA and will support them like we have other organizations that work for the benefit of the Power Engineer profession. We are looking forward to the response from the CEPA regarding the terms of the MoU when they have their quarterly meeting in September.

Corporate and Educator membership, what, why and how it works.

Membership matters. As a wholly volunteer organization, the IPE depends upon individuals and industry partners who take interest in the Power Engineer profession to support the IPE through annual membership. There are several different forms of membership with the IPE from individual membership as:

Corporate – Group (minimum of 5) membership of individuals from a company who supports the profession by covering the cost of membership of their staff either as Power Engineers or plant management. This membership has a reduced cost per membership.

Educator – Group membership of individuals from a Power Engineer training facility (College or University) who supports the profession by covering the cost of membership of their staff either as Power Engineers or plant management. This membership has a reduced cost per membership where up to the first 5 is a fixed fee of $380 total and each additional member is at the corporate rate (20% off regular membership).
Each group is required to fill out a corporate membership form that lists the names of those individuals who will be part of the corporate/educator membership. A separate individual membership form will also to filled out so that the IPE may be able to communicate with the members while they are corporate members as well as when of if their employer chooses to no longer cover the membership. The membership is renewed each year in the same manner. There are currently 6 corporate and 2 educator memberships. More are always welcome. Contact the National Office for more information of download the forms below, complete and send to the National Office.

Corporate membership form

Other membership types:

Regular – Power Engineer, Compressor Operator, Refrigeration Operator A or B. Regular membership rate of $110 (2018)
Regular membership form

Associate – Anyone who works in the industry and is interested in supporting the profession of Power Engineers. Regular membership rate of $120 (2018)
Regular membership form

Student – Any full-time Power Engineer student (max two year).
Free Student membership form

Graduate Student – Any Power Engineer student who has graduated, the membership fee is $45 for the first year with no initiation fee.
Regular membership form.

Job Description – Branch President (first of series)

Like most companies and organizations, there are jobs. Some are simple in their requirements while others require considerable time, organizational skills and commitment. Unlike corporations, the IPE does not pay those who work on behalf of the profession in monetary value but rather in the development of skills and industry contacts gained. The rate of compensation in this manner is largely dependant upon the commitment of the member. The skills that can be developed through working with other members of the IPE are those that can be used as credible management skills on your resume and will be recognized as such. This is the first in a series where each position within the IPE is explained. The first is the Branch President.

Branch President

The Branch President is not so much the leader of a Branch but more a coordinator and communicator to Branch members. The Branch President brings the energy and direction so that members connected to the Branch are able to respond with ideas and proposals that the Branch may do. They are able to work well with their Secretary and Treasurer to make sure that the business of the Branch is conducted correctly and can adequately answer Branch member questions. Branch Presidents can be either regular or associate members who are elected by the Branch members each year. They are responsible for ensure that the Branch is operated according to the Operations Memos related to Branch operation. There is a monthly membership report that is sent to the Branch President to them informed about the membership status and contact info of their members so that they may be able to connect with their members regarding events planned etc.

What can the IPE offer you? aka: "The pay".
The IPE can offer you the opportunity to grow your time management and organizational skills as you work with the Branch Executive to plan events for Branch members. You will be able to develop a larger contact base as you engage with other IPE members and other stakeholders on behalf of the IPE. Through your efforts, you will also benefit from learning opportunities found at various functions that you will be attending on behalf of the IPE and your Branch members.

How much time is required?
Well, the good news is that there is no established maximum amount of time required as this is best left to each individual to judge that. As a rough guide, you may consider approximately an hour a week from the beginning of September to the end of June. Most Branches have very little planned during the summer except for a BBQ etc. and most similar events can usually be delegated to other members to coordinate with the Branch President overseeing the arraignments.

Other general duties include:

  • Responding to requests and emails as needed from the Branch members, the Area Director and the National Office.
  • Appointing and delegating as needed for the coordinating of Branch events such as plant tours and golf tournaments.
  • Preparing the annual Branch President’s report in March
  • Chairing Branch Meetings
  • Attend the President’s Ball or any other National IPE function if possible.

IPE National Directors and Executive

Ralf Klopf, President

Blair Saulnier, PE, 1st Vise President (Maritimes Area Director)

Eric Steinson, PE, Past President, York Director (IPE)

Ed Hnytka, PE, Alberta Area Director

Dave Paulin, PE, British Columbia Area Director

William (Bill) Kalinowich,Second Vice-President, Manitoba Area Director

Mitch McNeil, PE, York Director (IPECC)

Pete Chamberland, Ontario Area Director

Allan Whetter, National Secretary Email

Don Purser, Assistant National Secretary

Jude Rankin, PE, Advice in Council

National Office Email

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