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The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions:


  • Why should I become a Member?

Becoming a member of the IPE is not just about professional development. Although it is the corner stone of how the organization got started there are many benefits to meeting new people. Being a power engineer is just one facet of our day to day life. Many of our members are golfers, hikers, skiiers, scuba divers and more. Why not get to know them, in addition you might just find your new job. Saying that members of the IPE are well connected is an understatement. You should join, and utilize all that a membership has to offer.


  • Where are branches located?

Branches are located across Canada and can be found on our areas and branches page. If your not sure which branch you’d like to be a member of you can reach out to us and we can help you make the process simple. If during you membership application you do not list the branch you’d like to associate with then the National will assign you to the nearest branch geographically to your address.


  • How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?

It’s simple! With the addition of the volunteer opportunities page, members can scroll through various volunteer positions all over Canada, including volunteer positions at the National level. To better inform your decision about what you’d like to help out with we’ve tried to include descriptions of the roles and duties these positions are asked to perform.


  • When is the next members event in my area?

We are working hard to unroll quick links to all the information you need pertaining to events and conferences in you area. At present the Events link has general information for all area and branch events. So if you’re looking for something specific stay tuned and check back frequently!


  • How do I pay my membership dues?

Paying membership dues is simple and is only a phone call away. Contact our office manager and your renewal will be completed promptly. Additionally you can contact us at


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