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If you’re a student interested in a career that combines innovation, technology, and power? Then joining the Institute of Power Engineers (IPE) is an excellent opportunity for you. As a member of the IPE, you’ll have access to recourses, programs, and a community of professionals committed in helping you succeed in the power engineering field.

As a student member of the IPE you’ll gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends, technologies and best practices. You’ll have opportunities to connect with power engineers all over Canada and experienced professionals who can provide you with mentorship and guidance as you navigate your career path.



Student Benefits



So if you’re a student whos passionate about innovation, technology and power and you’re looking for a way to gain valuable experience, skills and connections in the industry, then joining the Institute of Power Engineers  is the perfect choice for you. Sing up today and start exploring all the things the IPE has to offer!

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