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The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions:


  • How do I advance myself after becoming a 4th class power engineer?

After becoming a 4th class power engineer, finding work experience will be very important. The Institute of Power Engineers has helpful resources readily availbabe to help you land that job. The employment classifieds section is a great first step.


  • Where do I get firing time to complete my certificate?

In order to get the firing time you need to complete your certificate you will need to be employed in a plant that corresponds to the classification you are trying to achieve. Plant classifications vary and can be found in each jurisdictions Acts & Standards for boilers and pressure vessels. Once you have found what plant you need to work in to get relevant firing time look for a job that matches or is of a greater plant rating.


  • How do I transfer my certificate/license to another province?

Under the current system power engineer certificates issued by most every Canadian province and territory are interprovincially recognized. This means in order to work in another jurisdiction you must apply for a transfer of your qualifications so an equivalent certificate may be be issued. In some circumstances an assessment or evaluation may be required. Contact the technical regulator for more information.


  • What other programs or courses can I take that pair well with power engineering?

As a power engineer you are educated and employed in the safe and efficient operation of a wide array of systems and machines. In addition to this core, many power engineers after several years of operating experience move on to work in jobs relating to the profession such as in maintenance planning, management, supervision, project management, and more. Although in most cases its not necessary to have specific credentials in these areas, becoming certified can add relevant skills and update your knowledge on the subject. Continuing your education and staying abreast of immerging technologies is of paramount importance for all who peruse the power engineering profession.


  • How to I get used to night shifts?

Every power engineer knows what its like to work long hours at night, and for some people its tough. One key may be to sleep as much as possible during the day so that your feeling really energized for that shift. Buying black out shades, or a face mask might also help you trick your body into thinking its time to sleep.

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