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ABSA Information Bulletins


issued by the Administrator and Chief Inspector of Alberta

These Information Bulletins are relevant information to Power Engineers practicing in the Province of Alberta.


Prepared for IPE membership.


From 2023-02-23 to 2023-08-21

Information Bulletins & Alerts



Note: There are five (5) different types of bulletins: Alert, Interpretation, Notification, Variance and Withdrawn. Click here to understand the different types of Information Bulletins and their examples. The directory is sorted by date but you can also sort by Type, by Ref. No. or by Related Regulations.


Related Regulations


PESR – Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation

PEEO – Pressure Equipment Exemption Order

PWR – Pressure Welders Regulation

PER – Power Engineers Regulation


Type Date Ref. # Description Regulation
Interpretation 2023-02-23 IB23-003 Requirements for Reduced Supervision in accordance with the PER PER
Notification 2023-03-09 IB23-005 Reference Syllabi for Power Engineer Examination PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-006 Operating Experience for Fired Process Heater Operator’s Certificate of Competency Candidates PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-007 Power Engineers Regulation Equivalent Certificates PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-008 Practical Examination for Renewal of Special Steam-powered Traction Engine Operators Certificate of Competency PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-009 Heating Plant Supervision PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-010 Combined Experience for Power Engineer Certification PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-011 Power Engineer Qualifying Experience PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-012 Power Engineer Foreign Operating Experience PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-013 Boiler Rating PER
Interpretation 2023-03-24 IB23-014 Display of Certificates of Competency PER
Interpretation 2023-05-09 IB23-017 Rev.1 Expiry of Examination Papers Passed and Experience PER
Interpretation 2023-05-05 IB23-019 Requirements for Thermal Liquid Heating Systems PEEO
Interpretation 2023-05-05 IB23-020 Integrity Management Systems for Mechanical Refrigeration Systems Containing Ammonia PESR
Interpretation 2023-05-29 IB23-023 Owner’s Designation of Chief Power Engineer for Rotational Duty Assignments PER
Interpretation 2023-05-29 IB23-024 Power Engineer Certification Candidates with Qualifying Experience from Outside of Alberta PER
Interpretation 2023-05-29 IB23-025 Electronic Log Book Power Engineers Regulation PER
Alert 2023-06-29 IB23-026 Alert – Kamloops Ammonia Release Investigation Report
Interpretation 2023-06-29 IB23-027 Power Plant not exceeding 0.085 m3 PER
Interpretation 2023-08-21 IB23-035 Design Registration of Components used in Mechanical Refrigeration Systems PESR
Notification 2023-08-21 IB23-036 Authority Having Jurisdiction for CSA B52 PESR


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