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Our mission at the Institute of Power Engineers (IPE) is to represent and support power engineers in Canada as a dedicated not-for-profit volunteer group. Since our establishment in 1940, we have focused on advancing the safety and reliability of power plant operations while fostering environmental awareness in collaboration with all industry stakeholders. Through our collective efforts, we strive to promote sustainable practices, protect the environment, and ensure the well-being of our planet. By uniting power engineers and working closely with industry partners, regulators, and professionals, we aim to drive positive change, elevate industry standards, and uphold the highest level of professionalism in the power engineering field.


Our Primary Mission

The Institute of Power Engineers is deeply dedicated to the benefits that safety, efficiency, and environmental awareness bring to communities, the environment, and personnel.



Safety is of paramount importance in us. We actively advocate for and promote a strong safety culture, collaborating with stakeholders to establish rigorous standards and implement proactive measures. Our commitment to safety drives our efforts to minimize risks and uphold the highest standards of operational excellence. By prioritizing safety, we aim to ensure the well-being of operators and communities to create a secure and reliable industry.






Efficiency is a cornerstone of our industry’s progress. We are committed to promoting and collaborating with industry partners to optimize operations and practices. Through sharing best practices, embracing innovative technologies, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we strive to maximize output while minimizing waste and resource consumption. Our focus on efficiency drives advancements within the industry, leading to improved productivity and sustainability.





Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is integral to our shared vision of a sustainable future. We actively advocate for responsible practices and collaborate with industry stakeholders to minimize environmental impact. Through collaboration, we work towards reducing emissions, conserving resources, and embracing sustainable energy solutions. Our commitment to environmental awareness drives our efforts to create a greener and more sustainable industry.





The strategic vision, direction, and development of our organization are managed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors. Committed to advancing our mission and values, this dedicated Board oversees various committees, ensuring effective governance and decision-making. Our organization relies solely on the dedication of our volunteer members, who contribute their time and expertise to support our initiatives. With volunteer members across Canada, we work together to promote our mission and make a positive impact in the industry.

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