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The information provided on this page gives the reader quick access to the rules and requirements for power engineers to transfer their qualifications to other provinces/territories in Canada. This information is publicly available on the respective technical regulators websites, and providing it here is merely for convenience. If you find any errors or if you’d like additional information, please contact us. 





Applicants wanting to transfer an out of province certificate to Alberta must first complete application form AB-130, pay a transfer fee and complete a transfer examination. The transfer examination is comprised of questions pertaining to the Alberta Safety and Codes Act and Pressure Equipment Regulations. It also includes other policies that apply to governance and policies of pressure equipment. 




British Columbia 


Power Engineers wanting to transfer their qualifications and experience to BC, must apply for an equivalent certificate of qualification. There are two streams available. Which steam will apply to you depends on which certificate/license you currently hold. An assessment will be necessary to match equivalency, and an assessment may be necessary for both streams if an applicant does not currently hold a credential. 





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New Brunswick 


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Newfoundland and Labrador 


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North West Territories 


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Nova Scotia 


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Prince Edward Island 


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Documents fournis en anglais et en français 

Documents provided in both English and French. 


Ontario / Quebec Mobility Matched Equivalency 




4th Class = Class 4 )MMF4) & Class B (MMFB) 

3rd Class = Class 3 (MMF3) & Class B (MMFB) 

2nd Class = Class 2 (MMF2) & Class A (MMFB) 

1st Class = Class 1 (MMF1) & Class A (MMFA) 


Ontario / Quebec Labour Mobility for Operating Engineers (Matched and Non-Matched Equivalency 




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