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The Code of Ethics for the Institute of Power Engineers provides a set of principles and professional conduct that its members are required to follow. 


The following is the code of the ethics to which all members shall adhere: 

  1. All members shall so order their professional conduct as to ensure fidelity to their employer, fairness to associate and subordinate employees, continuity and economy in the service for which they are responsible, and devotion to the cardinal principles of good citizenship, courtesy and personal honour. 
  2. They shall subscribe to the provisions of the Statutes governing and identified with their profession, respecting them and assisting wherever possible with their observation and enforcement. 
  3. They shall employ all honourable means to establish and consolidate in the thought of all coming within his or her sphere of influence, understanding and appreciation of their vocation.
  4. They shall, by personal example and careful instructions, pass on to such as are worthy, knowledge of their calling to the end that true foundations may underlie a forthcoming generation of their kind. 
  5. They shall not use unfair means to gain vocational advancement for themselves, nor shall he or she jeopardize the position of others, when seeking to secure or retain employment. 
  6. They shall offer their services for prospective engagement at a fair and just rate of remuneration and shall decline to subscribe to any questionable practice in this regard. 
  7. They shall hold inviolate such confidential information as may be entrusted to them concerning the technical processes and business affairs of their employer. 
  8. They shall earnestly direct attention to such hazards and dangers to life and property as may be revealed in the pursuit of their calling and be ever prepared to sacrifice personal and private interest in the greater service of safety. 
  9. They shall, by co-operative endeavour, diligently seek to enhance the status of all members, giving freely of their knowledge and skill to this and all other engineering societies dedicated to the high ideals of honour and unselfishness in the performance of a service vital to the well-being and progress of mankind. 



  • promote business relations, 
  • social activities and mutual understanding among Power Engineers, 
  • to protect the interests and to assist in the advancement of the members, 
  • to co-operate in the interests of the Profession with other technical associations and with Municipal, Provincial and Federal authorities, 
  • to formulate and promote a professional code of ethics, and generally, 
  • to assist the Power Engineer in the discharge of their technical and civic duties. 

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